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That is perfection. The ribbing really sets off the lace. There is a lovely flow from one element to the other. I think you have hit the jackpot with this combination. I can see how the full lace sleeves would be lovely against the more solid ribbing.
It has been exciting to follow your tinking of this complex lace pattern. BW would be proud, girl ;-)
I can't wait to see the completed sweater.

Dipsy D.

Oh, I absolutely love your Chinese Lace, it looks so great already - can't wait to see it all blocked and finished in all its glory! Great work done!

Persnickety Knitter

I have that same problem with ribbing (the loose last knit st). I tried wrapping the 1st purl st the opposite way and found that it did help a little, but not enough. For me the only way to get nice looking ribbing is to knit it continental style (I'm normally an English-style knitter). It's a lot faster for me that way too.

I really like your sweater so far. The lace-to-ribbing transition looks great.

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