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I bet it is published by Interweave Press. For some reason they don't understand that knitters or any craft person might actually want to see the design features. Their pictures while beautiful are more like spreads for retail sales. It is so frustrating. And if you write to them, they tell you the photographer didn't understand about showing the design features. eh? I think it is just endemic with anything they publish. A full page of skirt, cute little lacy hem, toes curled up. So adorable. But not a view of the the toe design or the how the heel is made. Sad very sad. There are days when IK makes me want to run screaming into the streets, pulling my hair out :D They just don't get it. Add that to an aging population and there insistence of printing med grey text on a white page. "Oh! you have difficulty reading that chart?" tsk we will put it on our website for you grannie ;-)


It's published by "STC Craft" but it might as well have been Interweave!

Lilikoi Knits

I'm in love with this book too. My first project will probably be the Roundabout Leaf Tank.

If you'd like to visit or join us, I just started a Knit Along for projects in the book.


Cheesemonkey Frenchperson

Where did the pattern for that original coral/red patterned sweater (first photo) that got you started appear?

Where can I find this pattern?


This pattern was in the Spring/Summer 2005 issue of Vogue Knitting.

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