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Persnickety Knitter

Personally, I tend to spend a lot of time on the "arguably useful" or "useful but low priority" items. ;)

Interesting list. Is this your personal gauge you got while swatching these yarns, or is it the gauge from the ball band?


Actually, both; if I've used it, I took my own gauge into consideration, and if not, the ball band--and I also figured that by going up or down in needle size, the ball band gauge could be varied slightly.


Nice list. How would you classify sitting in front of the computer - I'm thinking arguably useful/completely useless depending on what I'm looking at. Then again watching reruns is arguably useful if you knit while doing so. :) At least that's how I rationalize it.


So true: you can be watching bad TV, or waiting in the airport, or in the doctor's office, and not feel you're totally wasting your time, if you're knitting.


Hey thanks for the substitution list! I used it to get yarn for the new Knit and Tonic pattern "Sizzle". The yarn she suggested was too expensive and so I'm doing it in Cascade Pima Silk--thanks again!


So have you used the Patina? It seems like it would be comprable to DB Cathay, but I have yet to feel it in person...

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