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In my blog hopping I happened across your blog from your pattern at Magknits. Both Seaside and Sherwood are great patterns. Sherwood almost -- ALMOST -- makes me wish I had a child to knit for.


I agree with twig, these are both great patterns! Congratulations on the double nod, that is awesome! I will enjoy working these up. : )


Fret not! I found your blog through the magknits pattern and I loved the Sherwood pattern too. I plan to make the seaside gloves because I LOVE THEM! You are very talented and people will find you!


Can't Knitty add your URL to the blurb? Your little model is a cutie.


your pattern is just wonderfuL! congratulations - i am so impressed!


Be sure I'll knit sherwood thid winter! Great!


Sherwood is a brilliant pattern. I love how the cables don't overwhelm the child. Which so often happens in kids Arans.
I think it would be a great adult pattern also.
Beautiful patterns, both of them. As is your Chinese Lace sweater



I think Sherwood is great. I would have put together that you made it a lot earlier if knitty had your link, but I am still very impressed. And I can't wait to buy Chinese lace, so finish it already!


Actually, I have a question about the pattern. This will be the first time I knit from a chart and the first time I do anything but a classic 6 stitch cable so I'm feeling it! Meaning, I'm feeling a bit lost. In your pattern/chart notes you say that each line is knitted twice, yes? If so, and say I was doing the back and front in pieces, would I do the crosses twice as well? Once on the RS and once on the LS? I just purchased the yarn and am looking for the needles but I was trying to figure this out on a small sample with the central 28 stitches (on straight needles) and got stuck.

Thank you for access to an absolutely gorgeous pattern! I just hope I can implement it. I'd like to make it for my now 18 month old for Christmas. He's big so I'm making either the 2 or 4!

I look forward to hearing from you as you get a moment. I apologize if this isnt the correct forum in which to contact you. Please redirect me if necessary.

Thank you!



oops, correction, once on the RS and once on the WS*

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