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Hi, what a great set! Compliments.
I think I also have to thank Magknits for revealing You to us - a little community of knitters-bloggers in Italy. If You understand Italian You can check out our newest teamblog http://maglia.blogspot.com
If You haven't yet but wish to find other bloggers (who knit and live in Italy, write in English/Italian), or wish to find LYSs around the country, would like to order from local e-bay shops or such, then feel free to contact me and we'll try to help You.
In Italy each and every one of us is on yarn diet (I get my main stash when I go visit my parents in Estonia for example) unless we trust the local post with foreign orders (and we usually don't) so if You find any shops on Your travels every information is gratefully published on the teamblog. And we'll keep You updated on the shops we manage to find as well. Most of the LYSs (I read your May blog entries) are the type Bellaggio has! But Milano is not far away from Como so You are not in the worst situation! Greetings from Milano,


Beautiful! I'm looking forward to the hat pattern. How nice that there is a community of knit bloggers in Italy that has discovered you. There is nothing like the support and camaraderie of fellow knitters.


Quanto bello il tuo blog! Brava Signora! Forse una volta puo scrivere anche in Italiano. ;-)
Sembra che prende molte idee dal'Italia.


Wow, what a great set! I love the stitch pattern. Especially on the hat. Would you mind e-mailing me when you hat pattern is avaliable? Thanks!


I fell in love with scarf as soon as I opened magknits site this morning! Simply must knit it! Now I'm falling in love wiht hat!


That has to be my most favorite color ever, and the stitch patterns show it off beautifully. Well done!!! :)


Lovely scarf on Magknits! Even lovelier scarf /hat combination. I am falling further and further in love with you patterns. Can't wait for Interweave 2007. Congrats!!


I, too, love the scarf - and the hat! Thanks.


I just saw your Cinnabar on Magknits.
The point of inspiration, the pattern, yarn choice and photo had that quality that made me sit up and take notice!
So I thought I'd come over and check out your blog.

Tonya leach-trickel

Hello, I must say that scarf is awesome! Especially the mock cable pattern. I have been avoiding cables for a while because I don't like their look or the way they pull. I know I would enjoy knitting these much more. Thank you!
Tonya Leach-Trickel


Hey! I loved your scarf on Magknits and came to say hello, and i met the hat version as a bonus:) beautiful...both of them.


What a gorgeous set! Will the hat pattern be written up at any point? :)


Well, let me be the latest of many to say I love the Cinnabar pattern - it may be may favorite in what is a really great issue of MagKnits. Thanks so much for your hard work!


Love the quick knits! Can't wait to see it!

Dipsy D.

I was absolutely amazed by your scarf pattern in the new MagKnits - but now that I see the hat I have to say that this one looks even more gorgeous! What a truly beautiful pattern, you're certainly a real artist! Thank you so much for your hard work to write up the pattern, I'm sure there's lots and lots of knitters out there who appreciate it big time - me included!


Wow...the scarf was gorgeous enough, but the combination of the scarf and hat? Beautiful. Definitely on my list of things to knit soon!!


I am really looking forward to knitting the Cinnabar scarf, and the hat is gorgeous too! I really like how the pattern comes together at the top of the hat. You design such lovely, interesting things. I am glad knitting magazines are accepting your submissions!


I LOVE this pattern, i am going to use some alpaca to make a gift scarf. Thankyou so much for sharing it with us *hugs*


HOw comes that an american knitter ended up on lake como andI, a moderator on the www.expatsinitali.com forums, got to know it through a knitting blog? (Well, as a fellow knitter, yopu should be able to guess.)


Hi there! I love the cinnabar scarf but really love love the hat! I hope you'll share the pattern with us. :)

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