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That is truly beautiful. You're so lucky to live there! My in-laws live near Varese which is sort of close to Como, but I've only been to Como once - and only at night. We walked along the pier and were totally freaked out by the tons of tons of spiders in their webs along the railing...

Did you make that trip to Parma yet? If so, did you find the yarn shop?


I love knitting and I love learning languages. Your blog has some really nice pattern and it's the first one I have seen on the internet that is also written in Italian (I won't pretend I speak Italian, because I don't, but reading short Italian texts is a good way to practice your vocabulary a bit). By the way, I also find that Italy possesses an incredible charm and always brings out the romantic in me. :)


I meant to say, the first bilingual blog in English-Italian. There are surely a couple of Italian knitting blogs out there. :)

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