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I just discovered your blog. I think the dayflower project looks very promising, and I'm looking forward to a pattern when you get there. In the meantime, I'll give the chinese lace pullover a go :). Just have to find the right yarn, and somehow convince my DH that the purchase is necessary...


I sympathize!

I am so totally obsessed with this lace that I can't escape it. It haunts me: whenever I knit other floral/leafy lace motifs, they invariably just don't compare.

I fought exactly the same battle last summer while trying to create a light cotton sleeveless T in dayflower lace (throughout). Maintaining the motif integrity while decreasing in the lace panels drove me nuts and I eventually gave up (it being winter and time for warmer stuff.

I was planning to try again this summer and just avoid the issue of decreasing in the lace by (cheating) using a deep-V surplice over a couple of pannels from the empire "waist" up. But now that I see (and LOVE!) your design, I'll just wait until you publish and then I'll make yours (esp. if you size it up to 2X-3X).

Keep me in mind if you're looking for test-knitters for your lovely top. I can knit the DFL in my sleep!

BTW - In a failed attempt to exorcise the obsession, I recently designed a sock with the DFL and I got it into Knitty just under the wire. It's my first design for public consumption, so wish me luck.

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