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Hi Angela, Congrats on another acceptance to Interweave! That's really great. And what a gorgeous picture of the Como region. My husband's school chum is getting married in Liguria - around Portofino, or maybe S. Margherita - in late April. I'm still trying to convince him we can afford to go!


By the way, just noticed you have Adam Haslett's coll. of short stories in your Rec reading column. He is great isn't he? I also recommend Jhumpa Lahiri's short stories if you like Haslett. She's phenomenal!


The Create-Along is such a fabulous idea -- I can't wait to see what comes out of it! I am far too intimidated to participate. I have hardly any fashion sense at all, so I don't really think I could ever dream up anything flattering or interesting. I'm perfectly happy just to enjoy the fruits of others' talent in this area!


Congratulations on your Summer Interweave pattern! I'm looking forward to checking out the issue, first since Eunny Jang was made editor, and now even more to look forward to your pattern!

Also, that picture is absolutely gorgeous and makes me envy Europe its scenery; my boyfriend and his best friend will be backpacking through Europe (England, Paris, Italy, or wherever their little hearts desire) this May upon their graduation from college, and I've tried EVERYTHING to convince them to let me come along, but alas. Nothing ever deters men from their man time ;)

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