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Lorna Doone

Sandra gave me a link to your site, cause I was interested in your Marple Seed Hats...as an egliglish speaker I had problems with the meanings of the letters in pattern directions (what does P, or k, or SSK, ets means). I wished that it is in german. Then I started to knit it on my way (how would I do it to get that kind of effect), some of my common logic... so, I came to it, and find out what did you ment... But, for tha furder reference: is there annywhere translation for that meanings? Thank you! Happy Easter!


you got it totally right - not only I knitted for those I knew, but also for those I've never met!


So glad to see these! Will cast on in a couple months. Got to finish up a couple of other things first.

Thanks again for the PDF Charts!!!

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