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This pattern is simply beautiful! Does it work with a bra when you wear it without another shirt underneath?


Congratulations, Angela. It's a beautiful design. I'm off to buy it now :)


This is beautiful! And it looks like it would fit someone who is larger up top as it were (i.e. me). I'd also be interested to know if it would work with a bra when worn alone.


I'm so flattered that you think I'm not wearing a bra in the shirtless photo! One of my favorite things about this top is that the straps actually conceal my bra straps without any surreptitious checking and tugging--and I have worn it out to dinner a couple of times, so it's been road tested, as it were.


Just wanted to say hi. Have been watching the progress of your camisole on create along - have joined myself but not yet posted. This is lovely. Love your use of lace. Am going to order the pattern when I get home

Ruby x


I love, love, love this!


I've finally finished mine. I look forward to wearing it when warmer weather comes along. Thanks for a good pattern.


This looks like it would make a very cute maternity top, but I am not sure how to adjust the pattern - any tips?

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