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Hi Angela,
Thanks for taking us through your thought process...though this post worries me a little. I'm about to tackle La Luz and I suspect that it has many of the drawbacks you illustrated with the Pure Silk.

The Euroflax Linen sounds luscious though. That would be a good candidate for lace stitches I would imagine!


Your patterns look gorgeous in the silk yarn! I have no experience with the yarn, so I don't know about how the fuzzyness will turn out in the long run, but I wonder how heavy is the finished piece? Will it drag down a lot? Does one have to take that into consideration when calculating the lenght of the garment?


Oh the two patterns work perfectly together, such a smooth transition! The silk, I'm afraid, could end up being really really fuzzy--I had tested some similar yarn before. And my swatch became so loose after a single wash...

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