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Love your swatches! It's a pity that the lace stitches turned into the equivalent of lichen after a wash and dry. Is there a way to reblock it after?


Sure, it could be reblocked, or ironed, but I'd like to try to design something that can take full advantage of the machine wash/dry option, and look nice when worn straight from the dryer. I assiduously avoid ironing, but also don't like wrinkly clothes, so I'm a bit anal about not overloading the dryer, and removing clothes as soon as they're dry--amazing how wrinkle-free most things come out. (TMI??)

Persnickety Knitter

Too bad about the knitted lichen, because I think it looks pretty good in the top photo. I'm enjoying reading about your experiences with these yarns. Very informative.


You're right, Angela. I hate that sometimes a FO right after it's finished is the last time it'll look good. That's why I'm so excited about that Filatura di Crosa Principessa I got the last time I was in Milan. It's supposed to be pill free and machine washable. What a great prospect!

Good luck with the rest of your swatching. You're on such a creative roll!


Berroco Touche will show the lace pattern beautifully I guess, and I do think that the fresh green color you chose is perfect for the mood of the design ;-).

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