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Wow, those are really lovely. You've got plenty of terrific ideas (I've been following since your Chinese Lace Pullover which I found through someone and really loved... ), I bet when the time is right the energy, book and material will all come together.


Very cute children's designs. And your son is really cute too - though I understand your husband's reluctance to let you put barrettes on him. My younger brother was so cherubic as a child (porcelain skin, rosy cheeks, ruby lips) that my cousins and I used to dress him up like a girl all the time. He still winces when he sees those photos, but he was really really cute!


Il tuo italiano è sempre migliore ^___^


Your blog is such a joy to read. Your knitting designs are definitely publication-worthy, and as a former art history student who lived in Italy for a while it is a pleasure to know I can practice reading italian when I tune in. Dont' have many opportunities for that any more!


So... am I going to find these two patterns available to buy from our website soon?


Non rinunciare a questa sfida, hai tecnica e creatività dalla tua parte!
In bocca al lupo!


I love the patterns! Very very cute, too bad I have a little boy. I do need a girl so I can knit for her. Girl stuff is so much cuter to knit.

That is too funny that is your little boy, I would have never known it! You can use those pictures for blackmailing when he's a teenager!


More cute designs! Thanks for sharing your backstory. It's always interesting to me to see how people get started. I just designed my first couple of garments (also baby dresses) through the Create Along. Your pieces are all so lovely.


I find a lot of your designs are quite cute.

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