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I absolutely adore this pattern, and I remember seeing it for the first time when I was looking for other Cotone Egitto projects on Ravelry.

It must be really fun to see your pattern come to life on others' needles! I have it in my long-term queue myself.


That's a very lovely version, though I prefer the color of your original. How fun to see others knitting up your designs! So far, I've had a few, but some were changed so much that they were pretty much unidentifiable. I'm glad knitters were able to take my pattern and run with their own ideas, but it would be a lot of fun to see more faithful renditions too!

Hope you're well!


That is a lovely version - I've always loved this pattern!!


A beautiful version of your lovely pattern!


Ooh, thanks for reminding me again that I want to make this sweater at some point. :) Funny, I have the same small-of-the-back pet peeve as you -- never realized it bothered anyone else!


Both versions are beautiful, but I really like the pink one best!

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