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Speaking as someone who was going to make that request, I hope you ask IK whether they will allow it. (I know you'll work out the technical details!)


I'm sure they would be okay with it if you asked them. It would require an entirely different set of calculations after all as you outlined so adeptly in your post.


Add me to the chorus of those were disappointed when it turned out to be baby-sized (though I'm about to have one, so that's not such a bad thing). I'll be looking forward to seeing an adult size if it works out!


That stitch pattern is so beautiful.


Uhm... 15 mm needles may just do the trick!


I was disappointed to see that it wasn't an adult-sized knit, so I hope Interweave can work something out with you!

Syne Mitchell

Your dragonskin wrap was the main reason I bought the Holiday Gifts edition of IK. I was bummed when I got it home, read a bit closer and found out it was for toddlers. I hope you an IK can find a way to publish an adult-sized version of the pattern. I'd purchase one!


Same here. I saw the pattern online and rushed out and bought it. I was really sad to find it was only for toddlers. Not that I have anything against toddlers, but I want one for me. I love it. I think it is the best pattern in the issue. I hope IK will allow you to upsize it. Maybe for their online mag?
Pleaseeeeeeeeeee IK


That is sooo beautiful!! The yarn you chose is perfect for the pattern.


I think this Wrap sweater done in the dragon skin pattern is sensational! I too hope you do the pattern in adult size...


You've got that uncommon match of techical skill and sophisticated style. Love watching your progress, and catching up on my italian. Always a pleasure!

Persnickety Knitter

Beautiful! If you did an adult size would it have waist shaping?


I was thinking the exact same thing!!! When I first saw the sweater I thought "I want one! for ME!!!"


Not to have a "me too" comment but ME TOO! I fell in love with the wrap and want one for myself. Just a little something to toss over the slinky bits I sleep in after I wake up. I will, however, be making this for a friend's baby who shares my birthday. If I can't have one a soul sister should!!


I'm deep in the thick of making this wrap now and it's so much fun! I want to keep knitting to get to the end, but I need to slow down a bit. I love the self finishing you put in. It'll make the last steps super pleasant! :)


I've finally finished the one I was knitting for my friend's baby girl. It turned out wonderfully and I'm really happy with it. Once again, I'm super happy with the finishing instructions and the attention to detail. Another great pattern. Thank you.
If you'd like to see the photo: http://blog.mayyan.net/2008/05/06/dragon-skin-wrap-for-alyssa/

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