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That's really lovely! :)

Congrats on your upcoming design in the Holiday IK, too. I was eyeing it for myself, thinking, "Wow, it doesn't even take much yarn!"...and then I happened to notice the measurements. :P


That's really a lovely sweater. I'm a little confused about the gauge, though. Three of the alternatives that you recommend all have different gauges (3.5, 4.5 and 5 stitches/inch). Since the Touche is 5 stitches, and you do say worsted, I guess that's what I should focus on, right?

Edna Hart

What a Beautiful Design--Well Done


What a beautiful design. I love the color!


It's beautiful- congratulations again!


Beautiful as usual, Angela.

By the way, don't know if you've seen the discussion of the Holiday Knits issue on Ravelry, but there's been some clamoring for an adult sized dragon skin wrap - your next self published pattern maybe? ;)


I haven't seen the discussion on Ravelry, but yes, yes, please, an adult version of the dragon skin wrap!


Lovely designs! One suggestion, tho. Make your name easier to find! Following a link to this website, I had to track one of your designs all the way back to Knitty to find out who you were.

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