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Fascinating, angela. It is a luxury to knit for pleasure rather than necessity and to have access to the fibers we have now. Incidentally, my grandmother taught me how to knit when I was 6 or 7. She knit a lot when I was a kid, but I always hated the sweaters because they were really scratchy.

Persnickety Knitter

Editing your grandmother's memoirs sounds like a great project. What a fascinating glimpse into the past. And it does make you realize how easy we have it (in some ways).


In Pieve Santo Stefano, on the border between Tuscany, Umbria and Romagna, there is the National Diary Archive, which collects diaries from the whole Italy, and probably also from abroad. Consider contacting them and having them collect your granny's diary in their files, or maybe put you through with an English- or Chinese-language counterpart.


Puch! The website for the archive is: http://www.archiviodiari.it/default.htm


When I was growing up, my mom sewed the majority of our clothes (and later, prom dresses and such). But it was done because of financial necessity, and so it always seemed like drudgery to her. Now that there's no need, she doesn't go remotely near anything "crafty", and that makes me sad! At least the bug bit me -- I've been up until the wee hours the last two nights, finishing up my kids' Halloween costumes. It would be much easier to just buy costumes, but where's the fun in that? ;)

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