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I wonder whether Tallinn, Estonia and Singapore, Singapore has a greater distance between them...
Ok, found it:
Tallinn, Estonia to Singapore, Singapore has 9264.46 KM http://www.mapcrow.info/cgi-bin/cities_distance_airpt.cgi?city3=-3621610%2C02&city4=-107919%2C05
and Massachusetts, USA to Milano, Italy (it was the closest big town I managed to get the data on) is 6537.26 http://www.mapcrow.info/cgi-bin/cities_distance_airpt.cgi?city3=-187072%2C03&city4=7799%2C100

I'm sorry, but i don't think yours is the most far-flung, but I bet mine isn't either.


What is the top left picture? I love Italy around the holidays. They really get into it. I'm so bummed we couldn't make it over there this time... Hope your holidays were good! When are you headed back to Como?

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