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I just love felted join or, as I call it "sputazza e infeltrisci". I knit with mostly natural fibers, in particular wools (sheep's and other animals'), so end up doing it for most of my knits. It works even with yarns that will not felt much, like superwash yarns. As long as they have at east a bit of catch, the strand will stick toghether if you cut the ends a bit longer and knit 2-3 stitches with both. This tecnique may be not too womanly, but it's a life-saver!


I've never tried the split splice method myself, but I can imagine it would be useful for a project that uses 50 yard skeins! Have fun with the knitting. Sometimes it's fun to knit with something you're not used to. I hope I'll get a chance to knit something bulky some day. For personal knitting, I rarely go bigger than 5 sts per inch. I just don't like bulky knits! They tend to overwhelm my frame.

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