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That is such a beautiful pattern. Classic lines, but with a little something extra as well.


Wow, I really love this design, Angela. I was already planning on buying the book but now I'm even more excited.


Beautiful, Angela. Do you know if this is sized for the more petite? I'm a 32" bust and I think this would look great on me ;) - if you allow me to be immodest :)


I agree, I like the Silky Wool better myself. That is one nice looking sweater and part of what I'm sure will be a best seller. I'm not a "big girl" nor do I play one on TV. But when I was reading the book in public, I laughed out loud and people stared at me. Completely worth it for the good information found in the book.
You've designed a very nice sweater!


Its gorgeous!... maybe i will try to size it down for myself;)
I think the silky wool is great to knit with though I always worry it would pill a lot if it was worn too much. I knit a vest for my dad out of it but he will only wear it on "special" occasions so I havent gotten to test my pilling theory yet.


This is my favorite design in the book! It's a wonderful book.

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