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in the lower left hand corner is a cable type swatch that reminds me of a diamond. Is this something you designed or is that swatch pattern to be found in a book. Of course, the next question is which book. I have a thing for geometric cables, who knew!

Misty the Kneedler

I know what you mean about the cover but I sure get a blast imaginging the knitted pants she describes, especially the lace harem pants to be worn over satin shorts. Wow.


Patty-- The swatch in the lower left-hand corner is a stitch pattern from a sweater designed by the peerless Norah Gaughan, in The Knitter's Book of Yarn by Clara Parkes. I spotted the stitch design in a photo in the Winter 2007 issue of IK; it was on page 12, in an article by Ms. Parkes about alpaca yarn. The photo was uncredited, so I emailed Ms. Parkes and she told me where to find the pattern. The diamond & cable stitch is so distinctive that I would never use it as is in one of my own patterns, but it was difficult to figure out just from looking at the photo, so I was curious as to how it was constructed, and I also wanted to see how it would look in a very different yarn than that used in the book.

I'm a little nonplussed by the whole chapter on knitted pants, but that's part of the fun of that book.


Swatches are so much fun to look at! Next to sketches, they're my favorite things to peek at. And your swatches are gorgeous. I feel really lucky to have been able to see them in real life :) Thanks for bringing them along that day.

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