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Forget math and measuring and having to fit--that is one gorgeous sweater yoke!


I agree, it looks gorgeous. Sorry you had to rip. I hate that when it happens.

Janet Daniels

My favorite entries to read are the technical ones with photos. Its good to see and hear your thinking. I can relate to the need to do the math. But, the knitting is gorgeous!

I'm enjoying the lace work on the Chinese Lace Pullover. I'm using a butter-yellow Marisol organic cotton called Sam'pa.


For me, the best ratio is 60/40 - meaning of the total number of stitches to cast on, I divide into 20% for sleeve 1, 30% for back, 20% sleeve 2, 30% for front... That seems to work out very well for me - I don't know that if that helps, but after doing a number of weird raglans on myself with strange raglan seams in order to fit, these proportions seem just about right.

A beautiful start!!


Your sweater is looking lovely!

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