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Yes, why on earth would anyone use those huge DPN's? I use smaller ones for socks and mittens, but have tossed out all straight needles. Circulars are so much easier to work with even for flat knitting.


I'm still fond of my straights but I don't think I would ever use long dpns... circulars are too easy.


WOW!!! Those are some big mama DPNs. I was pretty ticked when I had to buy 7" DPNs but 12"...might as well just use a straight needle

Angela Wu

When I learned to knit as a young child in China, I remember the type of needles I used was 12 or 14 inch long dpns (they considered this as the normal type in those years in China). I saw my nanny using 4 12 inch dpns to knit round sweaters, and three dpns to knit a large flat fabric. But now I see many Chinese ppl started using circulars.


Ah, maybe that's where I got those big 14 inchers; my grandmother is Chinese and is a prolific knitter--or was, until her stroke.

Gloria Jean

I have been looking for long dpn's as I am trying to learn to use a knitting belt such as is used in Shetland. Please see Hazel Tindall, aka The World's Fastest Knitter using a belt and two long dpn's.

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