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For the shower issue. It sounds like the water is running too fast through the "serpentina" in your heater, or the fire of the heater is not high enough. Turn on the hot water and take a look at the heater (open it so that you can see the fire): it's probably lower than it should be. I would contact an idraulico to have the heater checked upon, because it probably needs to be fixed or regulated. meanwhile, half-close the central valve, the one that lets cold water into the heater. This may reduce the amount of water running through the serpentine, thus making it hotter. Open up the valve after you finished washing.

Plastic bags make perfect bags for the waste. I do not know how is the waste managed in Como, in Sesto San Giovanni I can use them for the non recyclable part of waste, in Milano they can be used for the "dry" waste (anything that's not recyclable and not organic).


What about using the bags for bathroom trash bags? They fit my garbage in the bathroom perfectly, and I haven't needed to buy them for a good long while.


I use my plastic grocery saks as my kitchen trash can bags. I found that using those big ones (i live alone) i would let it get to the point of overflow but that would take up to 10 days and then - stinko. So once the landlord let a broken window stay so long that mice came into the house - although my two cats are VERY effective and good mousers, I started using these - also here in the Hudson Valley they DOUBLE Bag your groceries - so now I use the grocery bags and take my trash out once a day and its all nicely bundled and tied up and not smelly in the outside trash can. (the village garbage men say they love to empty my trashcan as its always clean and tidy :)

I also havent bought those expensive plastic kitchen garbage bags in over a year. and still have pleeeeeenty left.

I know hot water is a drag not to have - i went thru a huge deal with that with my landlord when i moved in fall 05 - but i think i would love to live in como - nonetheless.

how long are you there?

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