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If you decrease suddenly for a gathered effect, wold no his cause the lace to be bunched up and therefore essentially disappear? On the other hand, hot to decrease gradually in a lace pattern (especially if you want to keep the central lace panel to continue on the bodice?) (Uhm... Will the central lace panel continue with no interruption or be interrupted by the wais shaping?)

Marit Kostøl

This looks lovely! About the neckline:would it be possible to use two pattern repeats up front and then split them for each side of the neckline? I've done that on some sweaters, and it made a nice effect. Not sure if it will work here though.
Best wishes, Marit in Norway


Hi Angela,
Your tunic/tank sketch is very pretty. It's funny, I was thinking of using the dayflower lace stitch too on a tank - but in a different way than how you're using it. It is a really pretty pattern isn't it? :)

Re: San remo. I've heard of it. I would love to see that festival as well as Carnevale in Venice. Have you been there in Feb for that? Hotels would probably be very expensive at that time of year. My husband's family lives about a 3 hour train ride from Venice. I've always wanted to make a very long day trip to Venice during Carnevale.



Wow that lace pattern is beautiful knit up. Such a great inspiration to choose from.


That is gorgeous.

I too gave up on getting a pattern in to Knitty. March just snuck up on me this year.

You should still work up the pattern...it looks amazing!


I think your design has a great deal of potential! Take what you will of this, a few suggestions:

The bodice- sockinette excluding lace bit. For the band I'd play around with someting a bit more substantial than stockinette-- perhaps sand stitch.

The edging. Have you knit A. Modesitt's "Backyard Leaves" scarf? Here's the deal. The edging is fabulous. Five stitches of slip/knit/purl that creates a perfect attached I-cord, without the ick factor. On just the back verticle portion the knitter would need to complete an attached I-cord. Otherwise, crochet- picot or crab stitches.


I sympathize!

I am so totally obsessed with this lace that I can't escape it. It haunts me: whenever I knit other floral/leafy lace motifs, they invariably just don't compare.

I fought exactly the same battle last summer while trying to create a light cotton sleeveless T in dayflower lace (throughout). Maintaining the motif integrity while decreasing in the lace panels drove me nuts and I eventually gave up (it being winter and time for warmer stuff.

I was planning to try again this summer and just avoid the issue of decreasing in the lace by (cheating) using a deep-V surplice over a couple of pannels from the empire "waist" up. But now that I see (and LOVE!) your design, I'll just wait until you publish and then I'll make yours (esp. if you size it up to 2X-3X).

Keep me in mind if you're looking for test-knitters for your lovely top. I can knit the DFL in my sleep!

BTW - In a failed attempt to exorcise the obsession, I recently designed a sock with the DFL and I got it into Knitty just under the wire. It's my first design for public consumption, so wish me luck.


Bellissimo questo top, quando l'hai finito ce lo fai vedere? Sarebbe bello sferruzzarlo anche in un bel colore estivo: rosa, giallo o anche nero...

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