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I saw it and it looks lovely. It is really clever how you shaped the top so the lace just flows.


You should definitely have a copy of your own IK debut. Let me know if you want me to send you one - I'm happy to do it. The top came out really nicely in the mag.
xox, J


Hi Angela,

Julia's right. You should have a copy of your IK debut. Do you want me to bring you a copy when I come to Italy next week? It would be no problem at all.

Love your photo from above of the gazebo with the lovely roses. Looking forward to reading more about your thoughts on your pattern and looking forward to seeing you next week! :)


I did see the magazine, and your top was one of my favorites! As a larger-busted person, I'm interested to see your sketches to learn more about the construction. At any rate, your pattern is so pretty I'd have no problem buying a cross-back bra to wear with it :-)


Lutea looks wonderful. Definitely on my list. Love your fitting issues. Just bought Wisteria dress to make for my 3yo, and we're both jealous of your location over there. Ciao.


I receive Interweave knits here in France, and I saw Lutea : It's one of my favorites!

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