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Sorry about losing stitch patterns amid slubs. Yarns like that just cry out for a plain ol' slouchy pullover. Then the beauty of the yarn carries the sweater. As for a knitting machine, the slubs get stuck in the hooks and it's really not worth it.


Ugh. I hate winding slippery silk. Good luck untangling it. I'm sure whatever you decide to do with it will be lovely. I've heard good things about the Pure Silk.

Yes, nubbly yarn can be a challenge to design with. So far, I've stuck with smooth yarns because I don't know how to make the nubbliness work for me rather than against me, but at some point, I'd like to try to design with textured yarns too. The Shire Silk looks lovely. And sometimes cables and tweed can be very nice.


From what I've seen of the DB Pure Silk, it fuzzes up a good bit from handling which is sad. I'm sorry about the mess.

I think the first yarn would look nice as a wide-ribbed cardi?


Thanks for these yarn "mini-reviews". It's so helpful to read about others' experiences with particular yarns so as to not go into possible purchases completely blind. Good info!


I think I would have cried over the Pure Silk. What a frustrating experience - I hope your knitting luck turns around. I had a bamboo yarn that was so slippery that it defied the ball winder for some reason. Refused to be wound.


The Shire Silk really is beautiful. I love the color. It's a shame it didn't work out as you'd hoped... But I'm sure it will become something wonderful one of these days :-)

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