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Absolutely beautiful! A question for you, though: If my bust is 35, should I make the 32 size? Seems that the 36 would be too big.


if you can find a substitute yarn for the Italian market, I can translate the pattern. I think, at least...


Leslie, I would recommend measuring just under the bust--where your bra band sits--and see whether that measurement is closer to the S or M size. It also depends on your cup size; so if your underbust measurement is close to the S size, that may work better for you. If you are at least a B cup, you might consider making size S with one repeat of short rows. If overall the M seems a better fit, I have a feeling that (depending on your yarn choice) with light blocking you might be able to end up with a 35" rather than 36" finished bust size.


Very very pretty, Angela (as usual :) ). I'm going to have to get this too at some point.

I remember when you were swatching for this. It was fascinating and fun to watch your process. Congrats on another great design.



Oh, it's really beautiful.


I like it very much, particularly the photo with the shell reflected in the mirror. It shows the garment construction, the shaped silhouette, so beautiful!

Edna Hart

You do such unusual things with the placement of the lace and that is no easy task..Well Done in my book.


Hi, I just finished knitting your pattern and found a couple mistakes. Both are on the 2nd page in the armhole shaping. Under the subtitle Front it should say, "SSE, K2tog, knit to 5 sts before right side marker,ssk, SSE. Instead it says to knit to 3 before the marker. The second mistake is the stitch count for the large size. Before the armhole shaping you have 84 stitches then you are supposed to repeat the shaping rows 4 times which would decrease 16 sts to get 72sts total. This math doesn't work out. Did you intend for the final number to be 72 or 68? overall I enjoyed the pattern and love the top you designed I just thought that you should know about the mistakes so they can be corrected in future patterns you sell. Thanks

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