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Why apologizing for something that most Italian women are proud to show? Showing a bra strap is still the height of fashion here. 8-(((


It looks fantastic

Laila in Switzerland


Very, very lovely.


Wow that is coming out so wonderfully!! It is going to look great when completed. Congrats
on another wonderful design


Sorelle is going to be very beautiful! Greetings from rainy Finland.


If you are ever re-inspired for that book I would pre-order it now. You have definitely built up street-cred now. I don't like to buy patterns that I know I could do myslelf, if I would just sit down with the basics and plot it out, but yours are always significantly different and invoke a tremendous amount of work that they all fall in beautifully together. I hope you are publishing Sorrelle, I have some Touche aching to get in line.


Bellisima, Angela :) Come sempre.


It's so beautiful! I love the sleeves. De lurking to say I've been reading here from time to time and just love your blog. Thanks for sharing this lovely piece of work!


It's absolutely beautiful ... even in its pre-neckbanded stage. I love the colour!


It's just beautiful - didn't notice the straps because the sweater really is the focus!


Wow! Now that is one lacy sweater I would love to wear! Great job!!


I've been a lurker on your site for awhile now but I finally have to tell you, your designs are absolutely exquisite. Your designs are feminine, yet not fussy. Beautiful things. Thank you for blogging about your knitting.

Lee Ann

I hope that design is coming out soon...it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Lori in Michigan


Dipsy D.

This must be one of the most gorgeous sweaters I've seen for long - and you've knit it up so beautifully in such a great color! I'm totally impressed - congratulations on a really awesome accomplishment!


I found this on Ravelry, and yes, it's absolutely beautiful, and -- even better -- I have something in my stash that I want to implement this with!

I do have one question, though: I notice that the hem of the sweater rolls out, while the sleeve hems don't. What did you do differently? And -- if I followed the pattern instructions, would my hems do the same, or ???

Thanks in advance for any info!

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