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I like the wide lace neckband very much. I think it's perfect. It would even have been beautiful on its own in an otherwise plain stockinette sweater. But I do like the other details of the sweater too and how the four sisters stitch serve as shaping darts. A beautiful sweater as usual, Angela :)


While I would consider offering a smoother, laceless option for the borders (leaving in the lace on the sleeves, which are really gorgeous) I do not think that, apart from a few stockinette die-hard fans like me, there is too much lace. The balance between plain parts and lacey parts is perfect and the sweater is feminine and delicate without being fussy like lacey garments sometimes (IMHO often) tend to be. And the darts... Those I will want to incorporate into some garment of mine for sure!


And, YAY! Only 2083 people ahead of me in the Ravelry list! (She does a little pre-addiction dance.)


I agree with the other comments, this sweater is just beautiful! I really like the lace around the neckline. I think it adds to the sweater and doesn't detract at all. It's perfect in every way! I can't wait for the pattern to be available!

I also really like the photos, I thought you were trying to achieve the overexposed look.


Wow! Stunningly beautiful! Congratulations! This is great ... very lovely.


I definitely do not think the lace neckband is to much of a good thing. It balances the waist and sleeves perfectly. Plus bra-strap coverage is a good thing. We can leave the flash-dancing effect to daughters in sweatshirts. This is elegant.


I think the lace around the neck is perfect. The width is great, too. Not attractive in a masculine pattern like Jodi Green's Durrow (the neckband should have been thinner, I think, for this design)-- but perfect for a feminine touch.


Yikes! She is one gorgeous sweater. Perfect in every way. Congratulations on a job very well done.


Oh my gosh - I am totally in love with this pattern (as is!!) Hurry & write it up, please, please.


I love the lace at the neckline - I think it's just enough and beautifully balances the sweater. I also love the stitch detailing on the bodice, it's lovely - Congratulations!! This is a gorgeous design!


I like it. I think it is very balanced. The lace at the neckline balances out the bottom.


Hmm... well, I think the sweater is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the dart details. Personally, if I made the sweater for myself, I'd prefer if the neckline were slightly less wide -- but bra strap coverage is the most important thing, really. ;)


I love it! The wide neckline is very becoming - and a nice change from the standard pullover necklines, adding a touch of elegance to compliment the lace. Perfect! When can I get my hands (and needles) on the pattern?


I think it is lovely - the neckline balances the lace on the bottom hem, and it draws attention to the neck and face. Very nicely done!


Love the neckband. Hope the pattern will be available soon ...


OMG!! It's absolutely perfect! Don't change a thing! When do we get the pattern?!


Before reading your question about the neckline I was thinking that I just love the neckband. I hate necklines that are too high. I don't have a boobage problem though! The rest of the sweater is gorgeous as well. I love lace in sweaters.


The neckband/neckline is perfect (IMHO). All the design elements compliment and balance each other beautifully. It's a really pretty sweater!


I think the balance between the neckband and the rest is very good. If it stays in place, not showing too often bra straps, then is the size of the neckopening good too. I think it looks very nice on you, elegant and stylish. I sweater I would very much like to knit myself.

Lori in Michigan

You've hit on my very favorite neckline. I believe it very feminine and very flattering. I'll echo the comments on the great balance of the lace at the neckline with sleeves & hemline. Bravo, my dear!

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