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Does it give you any consolation that just a week ago, after living in Italy for 2,5 years and speaking fluent Italian, I told my father-in-law: "Mi piace il pane che fanno qui, perche' non ha i preservativi dentro"
He still gets a few laughs with me. And I usually realize my mistake a nanosecond later... ah well..


I have loved your posts, not only for your lovely patterns, but as a link to Italy. I am an Italophile who visits Italy once or twice a year (Le Grazie near Portovenere is my base), as my best friend is married to an Italian.

I love that you translate many of your posts into Italian as well. I have studied Italian for the last few years; but, alas, fluency eludes me, although I keep trying.

For those elecontronially inclined Garzanti is on-line: www.garzanti.it and there are full verb conjugators at wwww.verbix.com. Both sites offer desktop versions (Verbix; a download and Garzanti sells a CD version of its products (I think for Windows only).

Grazie mille. Continui il Suo buon lavoro.



When I'm reading Italian novels, I have wordreference.com/it open in front of me. I'm too lazy to actually thumb through a dictionary. As far as embarrassing mistakes...I once referred to breakfast (colazione) as cazzone. My father in law got a kick out of that one...whoops!


Don't despair you will get there. I lived in Italy for four years and when I left they couldn't tell I wasn't Italian. Not the case any longer. I used to walk around with my dictionary and a notepad and pencil so I could draw pictures. The biggest thing for me was I had a friend who corrected my mistakes. It was such a help. I also asked heaps of questions when I didn't know why they used a certain form of a verb. You'll get there.


E io? quante volte avrò confuso chicken-kitchen checkup-ketchup?
How funny!! I love this kind of mistakes!

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