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Thanks for all the insight into how this design came about... its always interesting to me to hear how other designers figure these things out and get from A to B! Looking forward to the rest!


I could not agree more about putting two guage measurements in patterns! It makes it so much more user-friendly.

Thanks for the insight on the design process--it's fascinating!


Angela, this is an achingly gorgeous design, and I welcome the insights into its conception. Thanks for the peek into your thought process. Cheers!

Janet Daniels

A friend was wearing a beautiful, two-color suit in a houndstooth pattern. The skirt reminded me of Selva. As I looked at the skirt, I decided that Selva, in one color, is even more gorgeous than my friend's lovely suit skirt. Now, I wonder where I can find Zara at a good price?


Can I just say thank you for identifying the need for the guage to be listed in stockinette as well as in pattern. As someone who rarely follows directions well enough to use the same yarn as the designer I really appreciate your decision to list both.

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