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Just had to say congratulations - I received my copy in the mail yesterday and recognized your name. Thank you for all the additional detail and photographs - I do wish they had fleshed it out a bit more (i.e. the schematic and a good head-on photo) It's a striking piece that doesn't need a fashion pose or treatment to be appreciated, I know it's Vogue though ;) You care a lot about your designs and how they're represented and it shows.


That's really beautiful! I'm glad you posted these pictures too- it looks great on you. Congratulations!


I love it! I've let my subscription to VK lapse because I haven't seen anything interesting in there for ages but I'll run out and pick this one up just for your pattern! It looks great and very wearable! Congratulations!


Beautiful! I loved this the moment I saw it. I looked for the schematic - and was directed to the VK website. Thanks so much for the additional pictures and details. I really want to make this. Please let me know of any suggestions for a yarn substitute - lighter weight? Thanks again for sharing such a beautiful and creative piece of work. LOVE IT!


I bought the magazine to make this sweater today. Now I have to find the perfect yarn for it.


Now I can't wait to get my issue of VK in the mail. Congratulations!


Congratulations ! This pattern is beautiful !


Thanks for posting the extra photos--I love it!!
Any recommendations for yarn substitution?


Ohhh - thank you so much for the additional pictures. I definitely noticed your design - and your name - in this issue, but the supplemental clarifications and detail shots make the sweater/wrap even *more* luscious and admirable!


Beautiful! It looks wonderful on you too!


I thought this was a fantastic issue but this pattern was my favorite of them all.
thank you! I really look forward to knitting this.
Just beautiful, Congratulations!

Trudy Gongora

Congratulations on appearing in Vogue! I'm so glad you posted these additional pictures. I, too, was disappointed not to see a schematic. It's such an interesting pattern.


I hate it when they leave out schematics! I noticed that in my mag right away... thank you for the clarification and thank you very very much for the pics--it's really lovely.


I'm SO glad to have found your blog. Your post mirrors, thought for thought, mine as I looked through Vogue: Why don't they show another view? Where's the schematic? I want to see the back! I want to know how it looks from different angles.

It's a great design, and I am moving it up to the front of my (rather endless) queue. My sister loves the design as well.

Miss T

Gorgeous! This one's on my list.


Thank God I googled you!! I loved this sweater in Vogue - it's the only one I plan on making from the fall issue - but, I saw no schematic and started reading and was like what the... ?? And I've been knitting for almost 40 years! it's all clear now....


ciao Angela, complimenti per questo fantastico modello!! E' davvero un capolavoro che riunisce il divertimento di un lavoro vario e non ripetitivo, ed il piacere di indossare un capo unico e comodo!
Credo che ordinerĂ² il giornale!!!!


WOW! That is really gorgeous. Congrats on being published, esp with such a sumptuous pattern =)


Absolutely beautiful! Seeing these extra pics is really helpful.


I just want to say that after looking at the vogue knitting online preview, the model doesn't do your design justice. After seeing the pictures you posted here I am far more interested in trying it myself. Great job on a beautiful piece!

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