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You're very good at naming patterns, Angela. I stink at it. I always punt and let the editors name my patterns. But I understand you've come up with the names of many of your IK patterns (i.e. Selva Skirt, Wakame Lace Tunic, etc). My names for my pattern have been Twisted St Cardigan (i.e. Printed Silk Cardigan), Lace Henley (i.e. Henley Perfected), and Lace Hoodie (i.e. Apres Surf Hoodie)...good thing the folks at IK are more creative than that, eh? ;)

Aimee Nemeth

Thank you so much for choosing me for a free pattern! I'm really flattered - seriously! I will look forward to making it.


Hello! Thanks for selecting my name! I love making hats. In fact, I recently completed my first Gretel beret. And I can't wait to make yours! :-)

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